One of the common blackjack games is live blackjack. The game offers players the chance to have a land-based casino experience in a live studio. Players can now connect to live actions by connecting to the casino site on their devices. For this type of game, you need your internet connectivity to be strong enough to go through the game. The game would require more data because it is live streaming that would require you to send and receive audio and video signals. In this article, we will be exposing some cheats live dealers use at blackjack games.

How Live Casinos Could Cheat at Blackjack Games

For casinos that have a reputation to protect, they employ the services of honest and experienced dealers. However, there are still live casinos out there that are looking to make sure players lose by all means. One of the ways the dealer plays a fast one on other players is by second dealing cards. The way this works is that the dealer draws the second card instead of the top card. Meanwhile, the top card contains the choices card, which the dealer will reserve for himself. As you know, the player with the best hand wins the game.

Another way the dealer could cheat is by removing high cards from the shoe. As we all know, high cards boost the players chance of winning the game. These high cards may include A to 10, which allows players to get a neutral blackjack. As a player, having more high cards will help you make the dealer bust out quickly, The dealer knows this and removes or more high cards from the deck of cards. Therefore, when the player has fewer high cards, it will be easier for the dealer to win. Whenever you smell foul play, you can raise an alarm.

Besides removing the high cards from the shoe, the croupier can add low paying cards like 2 to 6 to the deck of cards. When the dealer adds low cards to the card deck, it reduces the player's chance of getting a neutral blackjack. A neutral blackjack is the ability of the player to have a total of 21 on his first two cards. Another reason why it is bad to have low paying cards is that the dealer will not bust out easily. The dealer not busting out easily is bad for the player as that means he might lose.

  • Removing the high cards
  • Adding low paying cards
  • Second dealing card

How to Avoid Being Cheated by Live Casinos

The goal for every player is to win games and money at online casinos. So, if you don't want to get ripped by an online casino, you need to take some precautions. One of the things you should do is to read reviews on live dealer casinos. Reading reviews on several websites will help you to know what to expect before playing. At these review sites, you will find more information about the experience other players had while playing. Also, you will know the bonuses to expect, the payment methods and the collection of games. You can also check the casino site before registration.

Another way to know the best casino to play is to search for relevant gambling scandals. Trutyhfully, there is no news about the occurrence of any live blackjack fraud. However, you can search for gambling news to stay updated about the gambling world. Also, watch the casino you want to join closely to know how they operate. The first information you need to know about the casino is their licensing information. You will find the information on the footer of the casino site. Then, you can proceed to check the quality of support to expect when you register at the casino site.